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Keeping innovative, inspired and ahead of competitors are on-going challenges for every Start-Up Entrepreneur, Leader of a Growing Company and Owner of a Maturing Company.

So, in addition to providing our clients with a range of targeted services, we take an active role in bringing the latest business best practices, trends and news to the business community.

Here's how you can tap into relevant information and advice that will help grow your business:


Listen to the PROFIT BusinessCast --Canada's #1 business podcast.

Every week, the PROFIT BusinessCast brings you real-life business stories and practical insights. Produced and hosted for PROFIT Magazine by Bennett Gold's Managing Partner, Robert Gold, the PROFIT BusinessCast is a 12-15 minute interview with today's most successful business Presidents/CEOs, thought-leaders and media insiders.

Guests have included Presidents and C-Suite Executives from Apple, American Express, Best Buy, Canada Goose, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Mint, Reebok, and Sony to name a few.

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This weekly electronic newsletter provides short, powerful articles with practical advice that spans all areas of business, including - Sales, Marketing, Financing, Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources, Management, Leadership, and Tax Tips.

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Important business news and topics relevant to your business surfaces at any time of the day, week or month. Timely Opportunities highlight time-sensitive topics that can have a dramatic positive impact on your business...or negative if they aren't addressed.

See a sample article from Timely Opportunities.

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